Juan Hein
Clouds and Bombs

We, humans, have a special connection to clouds. We are fascinated by them and cannot help attempting to decode them, either to forecast the weather or just for the fun of it. But certain clouds signify something different than a mere approaching rainstorm or a vivid imagination. Those are the kind of clouds that are shaped by destruction, the kind that are pulled upwards and bloom like a mushroom after a nuclear detonation, or furiously rise over an erupting volcano and become terrifying epitomes of nature’s immense powers. 

Instead of seeking out clouds in the sky, Hein mines the digital cloud, where all our photos and information are stored, and re-photographs the images that he finds most interesting. These photographs are anonymous, without a known mastermind. 

And what do we actually see? Bombings, natural disasters or the silhouette of a rearing horse? Documented truth, aesthetic choices or pure fiction? Hopefully any answer will always remain in flux, just as fluid and transient as the clouds themselves. Indeed, therein lies the intrigue and the mastermind.

Juan Hein is a photographer, visual artist and film director. He was born in Argentina in 1971 and moved to Denmark in 2006 where he lives and works today. Hein has exhibited in Argentina, Brasil, Denmark, Sweeden, Italy and Kroatia; is the author of the book This is not a photograph (2001) and the film The killing of a Danish swan (2011).

  • Hardcover
  • 20 x 25 cm
  • 19 monochrome plates
  • 44 pages
  • Text by Trine Ross (in English)
  • Edition of 400
  • Printed in Denmark by Narayana Press
  • Shipping from October 2020