M.h Frøslev
Unsettled City

Unsettled City is a dark photographic essay.

Through nine years of living in first Moscow then Skt. Petersburg the danish artist M.h Frøslev has continuously photographed his neighborhood, friends, girlfriends, strangers and places.

Unsettled City is a personal depiction of a claustrophobic environment with the cityscape as framework. Here loneliness and longing for intimacy exist. The artist portray feelings like alienation, inequality, solitude and pain on a par with intimacy, beauty and love.

M.h Frøslev work with photography as a form of therapy. To render his mind he photograph his longing, his presence, his love and his fear.
He is not looking for answers, but simply asking questions about the human condition. The absurdity of the place we call home and the borrowed time we call life.

The book is his encounter with the metropolis but it is also a rediscovery of himself and an examination of the feelings and relations that are associated with being linked to another person, a time and a place.

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