Matilde Søes Rasmussen

Through photography and text, Gothenburg-based artist Matilde Søes Rasmussen explores her time as a professional model. Having spent ten years in this role, she now turns her attention to questioning its power structures, beauty ideals, and objectification. ‘Unprofessional’ is a hybrid book that moves between documentary and fiction, performance and life, wherein she uses her own body to investigate how these structures impact self-image and identity. It is an attempt to find meaning in a career as a model, as an ever-changing character, and as something that is constantly being assessed, bought and admired. Rasmussen has decided to photograph back.

At age 12 I tell my mom I hate museums
At age 21 I become very interested in photography
At age 22 I become very interested in cooking and cocaine
At age 27 I become very interested in sex
At age 28 I suddenly develop an interest in poetry

Follow your heart

Matilde Søes Rasmussen (born in 1990) is a Danish artist who primarily works with text, video and photography. She graduated from Fatamorgana – The Danish School of art Photography and Academy Valand in Gothenburg, where she holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography. In addition, she has participated in the renowned Atelier Smedsby program in Paris with the artists JH Engström & Margot Wallard. Søes Rasmussen lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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  • Screen printed hardcover with tip-in
  • ISBN 978-87-970520-8-2
  • 21 x 28 cm
  • 134 colour & 9 monochrome plates
  • 240 pages
  • Text by Matilde Søes Rasmussen
  • Edition of 600
  • Printed in Denmark by Narayana Press
  • Released April 2021

April 2021

Graphic design
Line Gry Hørup