Tine Bek
The Vulgarity of Being Three-Dimensional

In this work, Danish photographer Tine Bek tries to escape strict hierarchical structures through a series of aesthetic experiments. The book presents images of shapes that run over, flow, crumble and bulge out. An excess of uncontrolled forms that in the sculptural tradition have traditionally been dismissed as weak or possibly baroque. In all this is also inscribed the (wo)man and the human body – the fragile and absurd figure.

The project is an attempt to portray this on several levels: first in a physical spatial context through the creation of sculptural forms, then in representation through photographs of the sculptures, still lifes and other found forms, and finally through the book’s own form and texture. In this way, the book becomes as much a visual as well as a tactile examination.

“Thematically, I am fascinated by abundance and over-consumption in our society, the balance between high and low, rich and poor and the value we place in our possessions and the tings we surround us with. I think a lot about luxury, what it means to people, and the tension between excess, habit and ritual” – Tine Bek

Tine Bek (born in 1988) is a Danish visual artist who primarily works with video and photography. She studied History before graduated from Fatamorgana – The Danish School of art Photography and Glasgow School of Art, where she holds a Master degree in Fine Art Photography. Bek has exhibited in Denmark, UK, Norway, Lithuania, Germany and USA among others. The book has been awarded with the Hasselblad Foundation’s Photo Book Grant 2021.

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  • OTA-bound softcover with flaps
  • ISBN 978-87-970520-9-9
  • 22 × 29 cm
  • 94 colour plates
  • 184 pages
  • Text by Michael Mersinis and
  • Edition of 600

Hasselblad Foundation, Photo Book Grants 2021

Tine Bek

February 2022

Graphic design
Spine Studio