Luca Iovino
The Name We Hold

In Luca Iovino’s photobook The Name We Hold, black and white aesthetics rhythmically enhance the imagery of the dark and mysterious narrative. The book explores themes and symbols that guide the photographer in illuminating a fundamental question: where does memory reside? Could it be found within the people themselves, the homes they occupy, or even within the dreamlike and surreal aspects of reality? These elements form a boundary within which Iovino conducts his visual exploration, seeking to define the concept of home and a sense of security during times of displacement and life transitions. In the book home does not refer only to the domestic four wall but a wider universe full of objects, roads and routines. A beautiful choreography of the everyday. 

Luca Iovino is an Italian photographer and artist based in Florence. The project was shortlisted for Fiebre Dummy Award 2023, Kassel Dummy Award 2023 and BUP Book Award 2023. 

  • Clothbound debossed hardcover with tip-in
  • 14,8 × 21 cm
  • 112 pages
  • 56 black and white photographs
  • Text in English by Luca Vicenzi
  • Edition of 750
  • Printed by Grafiche Veneziane
  • ISBN 978-87-975274-0-5
  • Published September 2024

Luca Iovino

September 2024

Graphic design
Federico Barbon