Inuuteq Storch

For a period of time the Greenlandic artist Inuuteq Storch (b.1989) lived in New York. Here he found that he felt spiritually at home but homesick in his body. Being from Greenland where nature dominates everything, unlike his soul, his body missed being close to the nature.

Those feelings together created a very specific way of looking at his surroundings. He started to find pictures that represented familiarity in unfamiliar places.

“I examined my own identity and in this study I began to mirror myself and my origin in the city and the people I met. Suddenly, a parked car became an iceberg, a stranger to a close relation and a shop window to my uncle’s living room. I found pictures that represented me and my culture in these unknown places. In my need for nature, I found a different nature, a nature of the city with its own laws, paths, landscapes and people” -Inuuteq Storch

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